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Puerto Rico .... Away we went to the Caribbean

El Castillo  (2 of 1)the sea  (2 of 1)
old san juan (7 of 1)
Empanada n store
the view from San Cristobal (3 of 1)
Street 3 PR
the lady at the shop (2 of 1)
Mojito (2 of 1)
Coconut tree caribe hilton (2 of 1)
the girl (1 of 1)
Lady and empanada
old san juan (1 of 1)
El Yunque rain forest (2 of 1)
chucrh 1 (2 of 1)
street food (1 of 1)
the festival (2 of 1)

Away we went to the  Island of Puerto Rico
To relax, drink, eat, read and shop
But we did see "a few many" places
Which made in our mind their own spaces

Thought will share some pictures
With some old San Juan strictures
Ponce, Vieques, Bio luminescent Bay
El Yunque , Luquillo ...... we may
Come again some day . 

All pictures taken during our vacation to the Island of Puerto Rico , in May 2012. 

Green Rules - Pictures from Kerala

Nattu manga (1 of 1)

Hello reader (s),
To say Time was the reason I stayed away from here, would be an understatement, since I know we squeeze things to fit into Time and its not the other way round. From being gone from a happy and contend home maker to a career woman was a big leap, but anyways I took it. Now its up to me to handle efficiently the different roles I adorn during the course of the day.The truth is I struggled; Big time !

Seasons changed, the once dormant multi-tasker in me was reborn, and now I flirt with satisfaction; for life in general and appetite in particular.

Now its to you reader(s) that I have to extend my thanks , for  never ceasing to come here ! 
To my great surprise,my readership shoot up after my disappearance, emails continue to fill my inbox and people started checking on me. Though it felt good I was completely out of blogging mojo, and did not have a clue how to squeeze this into my routine. Then came holiday celebrations and parties and we drowned in laughter and happiness.
This new fresh year we travelled to Kerala, soaked in its beauty, found warmth in love from parents and dear ones, filled our souls living the homeland nostalgia. We feel we have become a lil matured about calling Kerala home, and realized this has become our "Home, where you live, setting up your life, and where you grew up has become "home away from Home"........

Though I love to be a regular writing to you , I never promise anything, since I hate to break it!

Some pictures from our vacation, including some Kuttanadan Kallushap specials(Toddy shop) to brighten up this space.

cheru meen (2 of 1)
Aji's Beef Olathiyathu (1 of 1) Ajis challas (2 of 1) Kuttanad pic (1 of 1) bee (1 of 1) purple flower (2 of 1) emu (2 of 1) turkey  (2 of 1) tender mangoes (1 of 1) chembu (2 of 1) curry (1 of 1) thoran (2 of 1) Ducks (1 of 1) Kuttanad (3 of 1)

Life Lately ..In Instagram !!!

GWB on a misty morning
Summer Road trip
Through roads often travelled 
@ montauk beach on a rainy day
The beautiful tip of Long Island.....drenched in the blue waters of Atlantic 
A misty evening at Hamptons
Eileen Fisher
A cuppa joe at hamptons
Strolling through the Hamptons amongst the richest with a cuppa joe !
Garden fresh curry leaves
Red spinach
Always good to be back to Green and Red goodness


Sunset @ Montauk (9 of 1)
trees @ Montauk (9 of 1)

I am still searching for some inspiration to cook , click and post !!  But when I paused the search and gave a quick glance around I was amazed by nature's creative senses!

Apples and Pears ; Finding Colors in Manhattan Greenmarkets

This year the autumn isn't really an autumn , with most of the trees with still green leaves resisting to turn yellow and red . 
On our gals day out in Manhattan , me and my friend P , we took a stroll through 47th street's Dag Hammarskjold Green market ,ogling at the yet to arrive fall colors , in the fruits and veggies there. The sky was pregnant with thick clouds and the mood mellow, creating a perfect milieu to enjoy all the  hues of the rainbow there in the market .

We brought home some amazing purple eggplants , made a stir fry exactly the way they demonstrated and it was oh so good! The blood red cayenne , the simply delicious empanadas , and the awesome squash blossoms were all as good as it can get! Here are some colors for you!

Good day



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