About Me

Hello Everyone !
I am Honey Sarah Naveen- a good food loving , recipe chasing and a complete Topsy Turvy gal, living in East coast , a Midwestern state of US, with my dear husband. I would better say about me as - "A beauty neither of fine color, nor of long eyelash,nor pencilled eyebrows, but of meaning and radiance"

I used to recoil from kitchen like vampires shun daylight.I saw cooking as a mysterious craft only my mom, grandma or those who are born with that gift or put in years of hard work could possibly do.

My first love was literature, then management and all of a sudden N came, and a week after our wedding I came to US; cooking was completely different world for me until then. The change in the status has made it better for the cook in me I believe. 

Nearly  5 years of married life, the routine in the kitchen , cooking for N , friends and relatives, and blogging about it , I moved from a newbie to a confident one , who can whip up a party for two or twenty with ease ! But I still consider a novice in many areas, each day a different learning experience .

Being gone from a home maker to a career woman has definitely taken the blogging mojo out of me, and its just the reason for me drifting away from here these days.Oh boy balancing work and home is something I have to master soon. 

Vazhayila - the plantain leaf, a kerala food blog started in 2009 is my initiative that was born out of  a desire for real and satisfying food. I try to make intensely good meals that are ridiculously easy, and share it in this online recipe journal. 

I present here mainly Kerala dishes, which got their taste and flavor from Kottayam -Changanacherry to be precise( where i grew up) and Kuttanad- the rice bowl  (My mom's place and where i spent my vacations on splendid treats). I am trying to recreate the tastes from my mom's and grandma's kitchen, rolled up among the clouds, somewhere in my mind,. My recipes are heavily influenced by my Kerala Syrian Christian upbringing in central Kerala, so that will be the kind of recipes that you would usually find here. 

The flavorful, fast and easy recipes here are just guidelines for making a simple dish exotic. I cook up a lot of recipes , adapt some recipes from other sources( if yes, given due credit) and  cast the magic spell of improvisation to these recipes modifying and adapting it to suit our busy modern life style.Spices and seasonings rather than sophisticated cooking techniques is what gives my recipes its unique character.

The recipes here are our family favorites and its not my contention that these are all authentic kerala recipes. All pictures in this blog are taken by me ,I enjoy taking food pictures as much as I enjoy making it ; Kindly do not use it or recreate it without permission . Please try to understand that it takes a lot of time and patience to create each and every entry in this blog. So please be courteous enough to seek permission,before you decide to copy it. 

I would love to hear from you, all about your opinions, queries and requests.
You can contact me at   vazhayila.com@gmail.com

I hope you enjoy reading and  trying these recipes as much as I enjoy making it. Thanks a bunch to all those regular readers out there
Keep smiling :)
Happy Cooking !
Sarah Naveen


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