Egg Biryani

Basmati Rice (long grain)- 2 cups
Eggs (hard boiled)- 2
Large onion (finely chopped)- 1
Tomatoes chopped - 1
Garlic (crushed) - 2
Turmeric powder -1/2 tsp
Chili powder  - 1 tea spoon to a table spoon 
Garam masala powder-1 tea spoon or add as per your spice level 
Bay leaves - 2
Cinnamon stick 1 inch
cardamom -6 4
Salt To taste
(Update )Mint and coriander leaves chopped  or  2-3 table spoon store bought mint & cilantro chutney enhance the taste)
(Update )Thin coconut milm - 1/2 cup to 1 cup . To make a cup of thin coconut milk , i normally use a 25 % coconut milk - 75 % water ratio , but you can always thinner or thicken it ... 
Ghee or oil 1/2 cup

Cook the Rice and keep aside
Heat the oil / ghee in a deep sauce pan and fry onions, tomatoes and garlic together with the bay leaves, cinnamon and cardamoms, until golden.
Cut the eggs into half and add to the pan. Stir in turmeric, chili powder and fry for about 5 minutes.Add thin coconut milk and salt and cook covered for 7 minutes or until the gravy is thick.then sprinkle garam masala powder
In a pan or oven prrof dish arrange the masala and rice in layers and Simmer covered for 10 minutes(if u r cooking on stove top) or Bake @ 350 degree for 10 minutes.
Serve warm with Raita

Garnish egg biryani with chopped coriander and tomato slices, serve hot.


Anu said...

Hi Sara
I tried this mutta biriyai and liked it a lot.Thanku

Jazeera Tameez said...

Tired this egg biryani stday for a quick lunch....It was so good and too easy...And the taste, out of this world...Thanks for sharing this recipe dear...

Sarah Naveen said...

Hey thanks a lot Anita and Jazeera...
I love this for a quick fix..and i tried it recently by adding 2 table spoons of mint chutney and felt it enhances the taste ;)

K said...

Hi Sarah, in the method you have mentioned thin coconut milk but you haven't mentioned that in the ingredients list.. also I buy canned coconut milk, can i add water to make it to a thin consistency?

Sarah Naveen said...

@ K ..I am so sorry about it ..I think when i kept the update about mint , coconut milk got accidentally deleted ...I normally use 1/2 cup to 1 cup thin coconut milk , if you think the gravy is watery , simmer uncovered for some more time till it is thick .

To make a cup of thin coconut milk you can use a 25 % coconut milk from the canned one and 75% water for a cup ...1/4 cup canned coconut milk and 3/4 cup water ..Hope this helps..and thanks for stopping by too :)

Anonymous said...

You know what!! I am in search of an authentic kerala egg biryani. I think I have got it.. lemme try your recipe :D Thank you.. Any inputs on making a home-made garam masala? :)

Coral Crue said...

like your updates on the posts :)


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