Mojito - Refreshing Cuban Cocktail

Lime juice - from 1 lime
Sugar(superfine) - 1 tbsp
Mint Sprigs - 4
White Rum - 5 tbsp/75ml
Club Soda - 6 tbsp/90ml
Crushed Ice
Lemon slice - 1


Mix the lime juice and sugar in a cocktail shaker and shake until the sugar has dissolved
Add the mint sprigs and some crushed ice and shake well
Pour into a tall glass,top with soda water
Decorate with mint leaves and lemon slice



veena said...

wow cocktail looks so refreshing and the click is too good

Sarah Naveen said...

Thanks Veena....

Anonymous said...

Wat a shot!!!

Parita said...

this cocktail looks refreshing! first time here, nice collection, will visit again!

Sarah Naveen said...

Thanks Sangi and Parita

Nithya said...

This makes me feel so thirsty.. looks really delicious.

First time to your blog and sure will be here often. Nice blog on the whole. Keep it going.

Do take a peep at my blogs when you find time.

Sarah Naveen said...

Hey Nithya...Welcome Vazhayila...thanks a lot for stopping by....

Anuradha said...

This cock tail looks so refreshing.
Very nice blog and nice picture.
Will visit again!!

Eliza said...

Hey Sara,
Its my first time as well. I must say all your recipies are just sooo tempting n mouthwatering.:)) feel like trying all of them. Just ne question on this beverage. You hvent entioned about the rum in the method even though u have added tht as one ingredient. Anyways keep writing n enjoy!:)


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